Curriculum & Data

The WBI preparation courses for foreign students*) will focus on the following topics – you will be prepared to meet the requirements according to § 4 (6) FHG (University of Applied Sciences Studies Act):

Mathematics - Level 1 of StuBerVo (University entrance qualification regulation):

- Mathematical basics
- Percentage calculation
- Simple interest calculation
- Compound interest calculation
- Present/future value of annuities
- Mortgage payment calculation
- Net present value of annuities
- Equations & inequations
- Linear functions
- linear programming

You will attend the Distance Learning Mathematics Program of “Studieren ohne Matura” (in German language) and receive additional explanations, learning-videos and literature in English language.

Literature: Schaum's Outline of Mathematical Methods for Business and Economics (Schaum's Outline Series), Paperback, by Edward Dowling, McGraw-Hill (20 Aug. 2009) ISBN 978-0071635325, Chapter 1,2,3,4 and 7

Business English - Level C1 of GER (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages):

- Grammar: modal verbs, tenses, conditionals, passive voice, reported speech, adverbs and adjectives
- Listening Skills: I can understand authentic texts; I can use a variety of listening strategies and listening techniques
- Reading Skills: I can understand authentic texts (newspaper articles); I can use a variety of reading strategies and reading techniques
- Writing Skills: Personal email; Letter of application: Argumentative essay
- Speaking Skills: I can speak about the topics dealt with in class using the vocabulary of the course book;  I can use the grammar dealt with in the course correctly; I can discuss about a topic, express arguments and use agreement phrases to come to a conclusion in a dialogue

You will attend the Distance Learning B2 English Program of “Studieren ohne Matura” and additional Zoom-Meetings will be held to upgrade you to Level C1. You will also receive additional literature to be able to upgrade to Level C1.

Literature: Cambridge Academic English C1: Advanced. Student*s Book, Martin Hewings, Craig Thaine ISBN 913-3125402881
All necessary books can be obtained from Campus-Bookshop or other Online-Shops and additional handouts will be sent to you by E-Mail.

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